About Erica

Erica Wilson, author and highly awarded leadership development expert, is the Chief Executive Officer for 88 Blessings Inc. A Beauty So Rare and IT Had 2 Happen, LLC. In this capacity, she leads a team of highly-qualified professionals that work with individuals and corporations to provide strategic solutions. Erica is driven by her desire to inspire, empower uplift, develop others and among her strengths are her extensive over coming background, determination, creativity, and leadership skills. She thrives on challenges, particularly those that benefit the people she comes in contact with.
Erica’s background demonstrates her great fit for running 88 Blessings and (IH2H). Erica was born and raised in Miami, Florida.  She is a hard-working philanthropist who is purpose-driven and goal-oriented.  She is a God-fearing motivational speaker who learned early in life to be diligent in the pursuit of what was always best for her family.
She is the proud mother of NFL Wide Receiver Allen Hurns and Entrepreneur Daryl Wilson.  She gave birth to her sons at a young age, but was able to weather the trials and tribulations that came with single motherhood.  Although challenging, she was able to raise both of her sons to be honest, focused, and God-fearing men.  Her happiness is inspired by both Allen and Daryl flourishing as adults.
Starting out with her 1st “IT” at the age of 10, Ms. Wilson can provide first-hand experience on what it takes to over come, continually develop and position yourself for past or future IT’S. In her next career, Ms. Wilson transitioned from a struggling Teen Single Mother, after more than 19 years, to becoming an Author and CEO of 2 successful businesses.
Ms. Wilson is also a firm believer in giving back and helping those who help themselves. In recognition of her service, Erica was recognized as the 2017 Humanitarian in New York, Jacksonville Women SHINE recipient and many more. She also served many communities in different states.