What Is The Format Of The Show?
The format of the show follows faith-based entrepreneurs, purpose driven and over comers who share their inspiring stories and then promote their business.
The only thing different is our guest that we feature on our show are not looking for investors, but instead want to promote their story and business to a wide audience. 
In the process of sharing your story, you are going to uplift, empower and encourage others that watch the show to reach for their God-given purpose. 
One thing that IT Had 2 Happen has proven is that one appearance can change the fortunes of an entrepreneur or person overnight.
Do You Have To Be A God Fearing Individual To Appear On The Broadcast?
Our broadcast features ordinary people that GOD has called or is trying to call to do EXTRA-ORDINARY things and they are actually doing something to activate their God given dreams and by doing so, encourage people on our broadcast to activate and never give up on their God given dreams.
Where Is The Show Taped At?
Our show tapes on YouTube and Facebook LIVE, one of the largest  media companies in the world.
We tape our show on Wednesday’s at 4:30pm EST.
The studio is  located in Jacksonville, Florida, but do travel and is being done remotely due to Covid.   
Why Is Your “IT” So Significant and Life Changing?
If you can ever get to appear before a wide range audience LIVE, “IT”  is probably one of the most significant moments in a persons life.
Speaking from a business perspective and overcoming, everything changes for you. 
You now bring much different value to the an audience than you did before. 
Your audience view you from a much different perspective than before.  
From their view point, the only people that get asked to appear before a wide range audience are the experts. 
Podcasts are the rage right now, but sharing your “IT” on IT Had 2 Happen podcast  produces the same effect as sharing the same “IT” one may be going through.  
From a spiritual perspective, there is something to be said for the people that we feature, the very folk that normally would never be speak about their “IT” is given such an opportunity, and yet they are featured because they were given a God given dream that was birthed from their “IT” and that they actually did something with, and activated IT, and now they get to speak their truth to a wide range audience via the largest social media platforms. 
There is nothing more powerful than a man or woman that is walking in their gifting and God given assignment, so yes, if you can pull IT off and get yourself invited and booked on our show, it is a game changer and life changer for most. 
What Is The Next Step To See If I Can Be Featured On The Show?
It is pretty simple and easy. 
Simply schedule a conference call with Ms. Hall (mailto:asst.thall@88blessings.org) for a brief 15- minute interview.
We want to know a little more about you and what GOD is doing in your life and through your life, and if our producers feel that we’re a great fit, we will discuss what our current availability schedule is for you to be featured.
Be aware the dates move very quickly and book out months in advance,
We only ask that you fill out our booking form to its entirety and sign consent form, and that this is something that you have prayed about and strongly feel like this is a divine opportunity for you.
In closing, you are one call/click away from being featured on IT Had 2 Happen, your “IT”  can change the fortunes of a person or company overnight, therefore it is necessary and essential that our team only speak with those that have actually seen our show, prayed about it, and are serious, committed and decisive about this opportunity to be personally showcased and have their business promoted to a wide range audience on the largest social media platforms.
I would LOVE to connect with you and discuss possibly having you appear on my Broadcast on Wednesday’s at 4:30pm EST,  that features over comers, purpose driven and faith-based entrepreneurs on IT Had 2 Happen with Erica Wilson
Please connect with my assistant and reply to this message if you would like more details.
Taylor Hall | mailto:asst.thall@88blessings.org
Erica Wilson / Host
Here is the information that covers how to watch our show, or even better, how to book a call with our team to possibly be featured on our broadcast.
Talk soon!
Erica Wilson